Below is how our system works for investment efficiency

1. Register with a Forex Broker

To first start the trading registration, make sure to have valid ID, Bank Statement or any other Proof or residence. We strongly recommend HotForex broker for our VPS server to work efficiently without draw backs or lags. Register with Hotforex 

2.Subscribe to our Membership Plan

Enroll with our membership plan on our homepage. You don’t need to bother contacting us about your payments.Just send us your metatrader 4 Login details, which includes, your login server, your Login ID and Login Password to our email at Please endeavor to send your MT4 details with your full name, as written on your payment card, bank account or money broker.

3. Share MT4 details
Once you subscribe to our membership plans, send in your details as detailed above.

4. We Connect your MT4 trade account to our Server
This should take maximum of 8 hrs to set up, as we handle many account connection. If your account is not up and running after 8 hrs. Please contact us immediately through our Contact Page.

5. Seat Back and Enjoy your profits

While we make trades for you in your account. You duty is withdraw your profits.


Your account is connected to our master server account, through our VPS software. We speculate and open positions from our own trade account. Our Software simultaneously opens same trade on your trade account too. When we close out in profits or loss your trade account does the same.

Our Software has been programmed not to open trades by its self decision but by our decision. It only copies our entries and exits to your account. It also takes clients account balance into consideration.

Breakdown Example:

Client A has an account balance of $1000

Client B has an account balance of $10,000

Proximal Forex has an account of $100

If we open trades of 0.01 lot size and close out in $10 profit. The Software will replicate the trades in the following other;

Client A account opens with 0.10 lot size and closes out on $100

Client B account opens with 1.00 lot size and closes out on $1000

N.B: This is a Brief draft of how it works. The calculation complexity should be left out with our programmers.

Cheers!!! Proximal Forex Team.

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