About Us

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star “
C. Stone

About Proximal Forex

We offer a complete calculated and management services all channeled to the growth of your capital in the forex market.

Proximal Forex in partnership with some trading firms, provides you with a good management service through automated process for individuals that wish to profit from the forex market without passing through the stress and time devotion required for learning trading skills and discipline.

Proximal Forex helps working class personnels, students, entrepreneurs, busy parents, big firms, corporate parties or body and non-governmental organisations to generate passive income from the forex markets with little or no knowledge about trading forex and stock market.

We ensure that growing our members/investors account capital is the top most priority,Because if we don’t make profits for you, we don’t gain either.We also offer tips on how to invest and save with revenues generated for you from your trading account.









About the Founders of Proximal Forex



Martin And Kingsley has always wanted to be out of the rat Race called job. They have invested into online businesses both huge and minor ones. But got disappointed from them all. Martin who got to know about the Forex market first before kings was fascinated by its complexity. He made his first $100 deposit and was able to make a gain of $50 extra on top but lost some of the profits and capital at a certain point because of lack of trading education. He made several rounds of deposits and also blew some of the trade accounts. Kingsley story is the same as Martin. They traded with huge losses for years. They felt that urge to quit trading until it occurred to them that they have to first learn before earning. 

Martin and Kingsley got to make their first $2000 each with $500 deposit, after learning from the reputable and successful forex Wall Street Academy in United states. It was sure a big move and a game changer for them. They have made profits for people around them until they got motivated by one of their investor to go online. Determination and God’s grace is sure a key to success in life.

Key Message from the Founders Mart & Kings 
“To whoever out there going through a very tough time, know that the lord is watching you, he will answer you when the time is right,Just keep your head up,work hard and have faith.It will all end in praises…


What Our Clients Have to Say

Shortly after encountering proximalfx from a YouTube video, My experience with them has put me on a new league and helped me earn huge profits every week. I’d recommend anyone and everyone to start trading with proximalfx
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Having tried various Investment options over the years, proximalfx remains the best and most passionate about their field. Their plans, traders, and expert team makes trade with them very reliable!
Zasha Swan
From Australia
Having some of the best and successful traders, They handle all the arduous work compiling track records, trading for you and then earning profits for you. Making a tremendous value for a few bucks as commission.
Frank Jones
From Japan
I had no idea whatsoever about trade or how it worked earlier, but after trading with proximalfx, trade became my major source of Income. proximalfx and their expert traders are the most reliable and life changing trade team!
Jack Brownn
From London, UK

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